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Makeup Artists in Delhi NCR

Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi NCR

It’s the desire of every girl to look wonderful on her special day! After all, it is going to remain for a lifetime! Especially in a city like which is not only the National Capital but also the huge weddings capital of the country! Every girl wants it to be meticulous and hence we are here to tell you about the Top 10 bridal makeup artists in Delhi NCR.

Makeup Artists in Delhi NCR

The list will also assist you if you are somewhere near Delhi NCR, especially Gurgaon! Here’s our hand-picked list of some of the promising wedding makeup artists in Delhi!

  1. Gurpreet Kaur:

Certified as a professional makeup artist from the London College of Make-up. She believes in quality & has also worked for magazines, editorials & fashion events. GP is a Gurgaon, based freelance makeup artist with extensive experience and knowledge in enhancing a woman’s beauty with the stroke of a makeup brush. She has a unique style of doing make-up to bring out the best in people. Rather than producing a fake, unnatural image, she believes in bringing out your innate beauty. Check out here more about GP Makeup Artist: – !

  1. Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup

Jasmeet Kapany is well recognized and counted on by many for a flawless, realistic glance! The emphasis on the eyes is noticeable in every bride she’s made-up, knows how to highlight the favourable in you!

  1. Shalini Singh

The comfort with which she revamps a simple girl into an elegant beaming bride showcases her outstanding mastery and abilities. The ultimate look of the bride-to-be is always determined after a detailed talk with the bride considering hairdos, draping, makeup, and skincare.

  1. Vidya Tikari

Vidya Tikari has toiled her charm on countless brides over the years. Those who have employed her will testify for her professionalism, knowledge, imaginativeness, and versatility and this encompasses several brides and Bollywood heroines as well!

  1. Meenakshi Dutt

She is one of the early names on the minds of brides eyeing flawless makeup both in Delhi. Meenakshi Dutt is a prominent name in the realm of makeup and she is recognized to have dressed up tons of celebrities.

  1. Parul Garg Makeup

Brides are exclusively in affection with her makeup jinx. Her symbol bridal gaze is a new face, nude lip, and gorgeous, accentuated stares, frequently graced with a bang of colour. And if that’s your bridal imagination too, Garg can create a perfect twitch as your bridal makeup.

  1. Isha Khanna

She has earned a lasting niche for herself in the bridal makeup sphere. Owing to her superior makeup abilities and tremendous information with her clients, she ascended the ladder of accomplishment shortly. If you’re looking for bridal makeup in Delhi, Isha Khanna won’t dishearten.

  1. Shubhangi Trehan

A new improvement to the makeup sphere, but a qualified and capable one. Shubhangi’s affidavit makeup look evaluates a neat base with well-known gazes and well-defined ledges.

  1. Simran Mahajan

Numerous brides are all applause for her, makeup-wise yes, but also how elevated she clenches her client’s desires into a summary. She posts no-filter pictures of her brides on Instagram. And that explains a fraction about how optimistic she is in what she performs.

  1. Sheetal Dang Gupta

If you need a decent blended skin base with normal look attributes like favourable cheeks, minor shimmer, and a matte edge – then Sheetal should be your wanted bridal makeup artist in Delhi and encircling provinces. Her makeup looks extremely classy and modern, yet imparts a delicious regal manifestation. She’s also relatively priced despite being a qualified artist.

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